Abbas (Omid) Hassasfar

Omid is a second-year Ph.D. student from Iran at Stellenbosch University’s Quantum Research Group. He is supervised by Professors Francesco Petruccione and Ilya Sinayskiy.

He is interested in investigating Quantum Effects in Biological Systems like the magnetic effect in Radical Pair Mechanism (RPM) or Vibrationally Assisted Tunneling and its application in Drug Discovery!, from the Open Quantum System approach and its implication in living systems, he is interested in simulating these systems in both classical computers using conventional packages like QuTiP (in Python),  QuantumOptics.jl (in Julia).

As a Qiskit advocate, he is also interested in applying Quantum Computing to solve interesting problems in Quantum Simulation, Life Sciences, and Chemistry.

He has a Master’s in Theoretical Nuclear and Particle physics from Isfahan University of Technology, Iran.

He is a Physics and Math tutor with over 10 years of experience.

Contact Details:

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