Visit of Professor Marco Merkli (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

During the last month, our group had the pleasure of hosting Prof. Marco Merkli as a visiting researcher from the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.

As a mathematical physicist, Prof. Merkli’s research primarily revolves around elucidating the dynamics of open quantum systems. His expertise lies in developing mathematical tools tailored for analyzing the evolution of systems under external influences. He also endeavours to foster dialogue between the mathematical and physical communities interested in quantum sciences.

During his visit, Prof. Merkli presented some of his most recent work on the thermalization of open quantum systems in contact with non-thermal reservoirs ( Furthermore, he gave a NITheCS Colloquium titled, “Evolution of quantum systems subjected to noise”, a recording of which is available here.

Amongst the time our group spend working with Prof. Merkli, we also had the opportunity to join him for a hike up Chapman’s Peak!

We look forward to hosting Prof. Merkli again in the near future.



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