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Machine learning for excitation energy transfer dynamics

The latest paper with Kimara Naicker and Ilya Sinayskiy was just published in Physical Review Research. Abstract: A wellknown approach to describe the dynamics of an open quantum system is to compute the master equation evolving the reduced density matrix of … Continue reading

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Compact quantum kernel-based binary classifier

My first paper with Stellenbosch University affiliation was published in Quantum Science and Technology. Abstract: Quantum computing opens exciting opportunities for kernel-based machine learning methods, which have broad applications in data analysis. Recent works show that quantum computers can efficiently … Continue reading

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Measure of invertible dynamical maps under convex combinations of noninvertible dynamical maps

The latest paper with Vinayak Jagadish and R. Srikanth was just published in Physical Review A.

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Prof Francesco Petruccione joined SU

Prof Francesco Petruccione joined Stellenbosch University on 1 May 2022.

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Quantum@SUN is a new website in progress

Welcome to The page will display all things “quantum” at Stellenbosch University.

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